Removing Pet Stains Using Vinegar   Leave a comment

If you have a pet in your house, you will have to continuously face vomit, feces and urine stains. All such stains can be removed easily with the help of white vinegar. White vinegar is a great cleaner and it not only removes stains but also removes bad smell. So when you see a stain given by your pet, make a vinegar solution and get ready to remove these stains.

How to make a Solution?

To make a solution, mix one cup of white vinegar with one quart of warm water. This solution will now be used to remove pet stains.

Removing Stains

If your pet makes your carpet or rug dirty with stains, follow the given steps to remove them:

  • In case your pet vomits or poops on your rug or carpet, first of all remove the solid stuff. Use a paper towel to remove it or scoop it with something. If your pet has urinated then you will not perform this step. You will now try to blot up the moisture.
  • Now use a clean paper towel or cloth to remove as much of the rest of stain as possible.
  • Do not push stain into pile of carpet or fabric of a rug. Keep trying blotting until most of moisture has been absorbed.
  • Before applying the solution of vinegar and water, try it on another place first. This is necessary if you are afraid of colorfastness.
  • Spray the solution onto the stain or simply pour it on affected area until whole area becomes wet with solution. Be careful not to flood the area, only let solution sit on affected area for a minute or so.
  • Again blot until you get all the liquid up.
  • If you still see the stains then let the carpet dry and repeat this process.
  • If you are confronting a tough stain then mix vinegar and baking soda. Apply resulting foaming mixture on stain. It will surely help getting out stain.
  • Leave this mixture on affected area for 1 to 2 minutes and then blot it.
  • As a last step, you can rinse the area with clean water to remove vinegar solution. You can also let it dry naturally.
  • Solution of baking soda and vinegar will also help removing lingering odor.
  • Do not worry about vinegar smell. It will go as it dries. If you still do not like its smell then open window if weather allows so.

This was a simple way to remove pet stains with vinegar. Vinegar is a great cleaner and is safe for all surfaces whether carpets, wooden floors, vinyl, ceramic floors or tiles. But vinegar should not be used on marble floors. It is acidic in nature and thus will dissolve delicate stones.


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